Symbolic Tale of Hanh

The Symbolic Tale of Hanh

Author: Ronald Wong

Usagi - Rabbit

"Rabbit is the symbol of fertility and rebirth, known to be sly, mischievous and clownish."

Deep in the sky of the Aerolis Ridge, a giant levitating landmass, lived a young monk destined to be the saviour of his kind. Hanh, a newly ordained monk had been summoned by the Grand Rabbit Sage, who was known throughout for his ability to foresee the future. He was to go on his journey of realisation in which he was to prepare for his battle with the legendary dragon. A dragon who planned to destroy the village.

Kaeru - Frog

"Kaeru is the symbol of good fortune as it is often carried by travellers to ensure a safe return from their journeys."

Packing the supplies for his journey, there were knocks on his door, to which the village elders appeared before him. They presented him with Kaeru, a symbol of good fortune in which they intended to see Hanh back in the village following his lengthy journey.

Tsuru - Crane

"Tsuru is the symbol for long-life as japanese folklore depicts the crane to live for 1000 years."

The news spread like wildfire and Hanh had his farewells to attend to. Flying Hanh higher into the mountains, addressed his final farewells to his master, Nari, the crane as he was unable to fly any further due to the conditions that awaited him. Nari granted him the wish of long-life and expected his swift return.

Kame - Turtle

"Kame is the symbol for longevity and protection. The turtle is believed to unite heaven and earth, as the shell is heaven and the underside represents earth."

Entering the Gorge of Life and Death, Hanh ventured through what seemed to be a swamp filled with a dense, almost suffocating mist. Here, he met his first deity, Korah the turtle who taught him how to value even the smallest things of life, as those were the ones that mattered. Here, Hanh realised his ability to manipulate the natural energy that surrounded him to his advantage, gaining immeasurable amounts of strength.

Neko - Cat

"Neko is the symbol for independence, balance and mystery. She is the representation of wisdom and is a strong and self-assured protector."

Furthering his odyssey, Hanh sensed an unfamiliar yet reassuring presence. To affirm his suspicions, he placed traps in his surroundings to which one was sprung by Lanaya, a cat from his village that had been sent to keep an eye on him. This was the first of few accomplices to join Hanh on his journey, as Lanaya was incredibly skilled in finding supplies.

Sakana - Fish

"Sakana is the symbol of happiness, well being and freedom. The Japanese also believe that it symbolizes strength, courage and determination as needed to swim upstream."

Months passed and Hanh felt as if he was beginning to lose himself. He was lost and began to question if there was really a purpose to his endeavours. Hanh had met many deities and physical strength was common amongst all the training, however, it wasn't until he met Sakon the fish, did he realise his full potential. Sakon taught him the importance of mental fortitude and with this, Hanh powered on, determined to fulfill the prophecy granted to him.

Tatsu - Dragon

"Tatsu is the symbol of power, wisdom, mastery and success. Common to japanese belief, the dragon also brings strength, luck and fortune."

With months of high intensity training, Hanh and Lanaya faced the dragon's keep. Mentally fortifying themselves, they ascended to the top to face the Dragon. Battle raged and moments after moments, near misses after near misses, Hanh braced himself for his last attack, narrowly dodging the dragon's fire to which he pierced the dragon's heart with his spear. Hanh was truly a hero.

Ryama - Llama

"Ryama is the symbol of endurance, hard work and responsibility during tough situations"

Returning to the village months after fulfilling the prophecy, Hanh and Lanaya were welcomed back with open arms. Those who parted with them prior to the journey were first to see them back. The Hanh was presented with a statue of Ryama, the highest award anyone could ever receive and was known as the hero that saved the village from foreseen danger.


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